Other Baking and My Wee (read MASSIVE) Accomplishment

Hey all. Hope you’re all doing fantastically today 🙂

Today I had a wee revelation. It’s now October, which means winter is well out of the way. And this year, for the first time in many, many years (probably, might not be quite so many, memory ain’t what it used to be!) I made it through those cold, miserable, wet months without having a major bout of depression (or any depression at all really). It wasn’t easy. In fact it was really hard work, but I made it. And I’m so excited about it!

So with that, I present to you a beautiful gallery of images 🙂

(First, a snippet of explanation): Since a lot of the baking I do is just experimenting (and I do a lot of it) I can’t do a full on post for every thing I do. Also, I have a lot of ‘back issue’ things I’ve tried, that I’d like to share… So without further ado, here is a lovely little gallery of some of my past baking accomplishments, ranging from just a little while ago to years ago 🙂 Enjoy!