Rugby Themed 50th Birthday Cake

Hello all

How are you? Busy, busy in the lead up to Christmas I bet! We sure are.

Today I am bringing you my latest cake. I was asked months ago to create a masterpiece for a 50th birthday party. It was actually my life coach and owner of my gym that asked me to make the cake. She’s the one tasked with keeping me sane (poor woman! No really, she is fantastic and I attribute all of my dealing with depression to her). The party was for the gym’s floor manager, Neal, and it was all about rugby (at a rugby club, everyone dressed up etc).

I’ll be honest here, I’m not much of a rugby person. This cake was going to be hard! I had many ideas in my head and as the day got closer I narrowed it down, but then came the actual execution and that wasn’t so successful. In the end, the cake looked great, just nothing at all like I’d originally pictured.


One thing I wanted to do, because I’d never done it before, and of course this is all about personal development and growth, was to make a person. It actually turned out awesome, except for the fact that he was seriously out of proportion. Whoops!

Rugby Birthday Cake

The end result I was really happy with. The cake also got a very good reception at the party.  A lot of the people there were members of the gym that I’ve known for several years now and they were full of praise (seriously good for the ego) One of them even sent an email to my coach saying how amazing it was 🙂 After a long, very stressful and quite upsetting week, it was nice to have the compliments (and a few parties to go too, all without the kids!!)

I’ve since launched straight back into Christmas preparations with my first Christmas cake and batch of Christmas mince pies baked on Tuesday and a couple more presents in the works or completed. I can’t believe it’s only three weeks to go! I’m hoping to have some delicious Christmas recipes to you very shortly (why has it not occurred to me previously to post them? Why wait until three weeks out?). Then in the New Year I’ll recap all the cool prezzies I made and gave 🙂

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day 🙂


John Deere Tractor Cake

Hi all!

I’m so excited to share this cake with you! I can’t believe its taken me a whole week from making it to posting! (Didn’t want to over-do things with two posts too close together then have nothing to post for a while!)

I was asked by a little boy recently to make his fifth birthday cake. He’s mad keen on tractors, but not just any old tractor. It has to be John Deere.

The cake also had to work for two parties, one with a whole tribe of little boys and another family event. So it had to be fairly sizeable…

And here’s the end result:

Alex's Birthday Cake!

I love it. But to be honest, probably never, ever want to make green buttercream again… or fondant.

So it’s base is four batches of Mum’s chocolate cake recipe baked in a square tin and place side by side (couldn’t afford a new big tin!) Lots of buttercream later we created a mown hay paddock and a grass paddock, piped with the Wilton grass tip number 233. It was the first time I’ve used the tip, but it was fairly easy to get the hang of and I’m pretty happy with my grass.

Next up, my husband (who’s nephew the cake was for) took on the challenge of creating the tractor. I think he thought this fondant modelling business was easy. Ha, he soon learnt. After four nights work he had a pretty good representation of a John Deere tractor and baler. Overall I think he did a better job than I could have, though he did have a few cracks and flaws in the final product (he failed to realise just how quickly fondant dries out). My contribution was the yellow stripes, because his fingers were too big and clumsy to work with the tiny pieces.

Fondant grass was stuck around the sides of the cake and finished with white fondant daisies made with the smallest blossom plunger cutter in the Wilton Flower Cutter set. I brushed the centres with a bit of gold lustre (even in a boys cake I include lustre… It’s like my favourite cake decorating thing!)

Some fondant lettering and grass piped onto the board and all finished off with some chocolate cows, fondant hay bales and green and yellow candles. Oh, and I almost forgot: the fence. I’d made a beautiful white rail fence from fondant, but as I was assembling the cake on the morning of the party I snapped it! Disaster! Lucky my husband arrived with some pliers and quickly whipped up a great little fence from florist wire. Phew!

And without further ado, to the photos!

If I’ve missed any details you’d like to know about let me know.

I’ve got some more cool stuff coming up, including some cute party desserts I’m working on at the moment. My new craft room is also a few steps closer to completion so I’ll give you a peek at that shortly too, Can’t wait 🙂