A wedding, news and excuses!

Hi everyone

I know it’s been a while, and I’m really sorry. There’s been a lot going on and writing is really at the bottom of the priority list. It’s also quite hard to write when you haven’t been doing anything to write about.

There have been three occasions where I’ve created quite fabulous cakes, but that’s been about the extent of my sewing and baking. The latest cake was a wedding cake, my very first, and the stress involved in that made any other form of baking entirely horrific. I couldn’t do anything! The cake was for a very good friend, and honestly I don’t know if that made it easier or harder. All I could think was what if she hated the cake and it ruined her whole wedding for her!

As it turns out, she was super happy and the cake was very well received with everyone at the wedding (or at least so I heard, no one’s told me otherwise!) It was three tiers (my first ever this big!) with chocolate mud cake on the bottom and top tiers and white chocolate mud cake in the middle. Raspberry coulis between each layer all covered with ganache then fondant.

Beach Themed Wedding CakeBride and Groom with Beach Themed Wedding CakeI used silver spray paint (edible, by Wilton, I just can’t remember the name) to paint each tier, fading it up towards the top. As it turns out my husband was much better at this than me, I only wish I’d known that before I’d already done two of the cakes! The shells were fondant, pressed into chocolate moulds, which worked really well, if you didn’t mind mostly destroying the moulds after a few batches. It was so hard to get them out! I dusted well with cornflour but to no avail. They are still kind of usable, but I’ve gone from a five starfish mould to a three, the rest is pretty broken and battered. One massively useful tip for this, put them in the freezer! Much easier to get out.

After the moulding and a while drying I dusted them with a selection of colour and lustre dusts. That was kinda of fun. I used a big poufy make up brush and kind of buffed it on. The dust went everywhere and my kitchen and I were blue for a while, but it cleared up eventually.

Beach Theme Wedding Cake - Detail

I’d done this cake (a smaller version) as a trial for my Mum’s best friend’s 60th a couple of months before and had used a silicon mould to make the frangipani flowers. But they just didn’t look that flash (photo below). So this time I used fake flowers, which were also used in the centrepieces on the tables (for continuity).

Beach Themed Cake - Moulded Flowers

In the end, the cake was a bit wonky in places and I wasn’t entirely happy with that wonkiness, but I was very happy overall. I was even happier when it was finally completed and delivered to the reception venue and it was no longer my concern. I could then go about normal bridesmaid duties and actually enjoy the occasion!

There was another rather big stressor in the lead up to that wedding (which was just two weeks ago). The worry of whether I’d fit into my bridesmaid dress, bought way back last year. At least when we chose the dresses I knew there was a chance I’d be 12 weeks pregnant and chose a suitable style. As it turns out I was only 10 weeks, but still quite large considering (I hear you pop out a lot faster the second time, especially after the twins). But in the end the dress did up on the day, morning sickness stayed away and I didn’t pass out at any point during the ceremony or reception or anything. I even managed to stay up until 1am! It was fabulous! (It wasn’t all just standing in line looking pretty like the photo shows either! I had to walk a really long way!)

Bridesmaid Bridesmaids
So that’s my big news, in a really roundabout kind of way. Baby number three (and just number three, not number four) is on the way! And the exhaustion and sickness is also my excuse for not baking, sewing or writing. So I dare say there’ll be a few baby related things popping up on this blog in the near future 🙂

So back to the cakes. As well as the wedding cake we had a momentous occasion in our household when my baby girls turned two. We had a small party for friends and family and as it wasn’t a really big one I didn’t want to use a fantastic theme up for it, so I went for a low key ladybug theme, which in honesty was a great theme and really easy and fun to work with.

I did a ladybug cake with white chocolate mudcake for the base (it was a practise for the wedding cake!) and a chocolate cake ladybug. I loved it and it’s one of my all time favourites! (Mind you I have only been doing this a year, with their first birthday cake my first properly decorated masterpiece!)

Ladybug Birthday Cake

I also made a cute Happy Birthday banner using printed letters off the computer, cut out in circles and stuck to red flower shapes. Ladybug cookies and crackers (crackers with cream cheese, half a cherry tomato and a piece of olive – no photos unfortunately), red cake pops (disaster in the hot weather, and just all round failure!) and some red and white spotted balloons for good measure.

Ladybug Happy Birthday Banner Ladybug Cookies

Regardless of all of the above, the girl’s loved it and had a great time with their friends (and Mum and Dad of course!)

Family So until next time, and hopefully it wont be that far away now I”m starting to feel a fraction better! I hope you enjoyed reading and maybe got something useful out of it. Or maybe you just liked the cute picture of my kids, either way, please remember to comment, like and follow me on Facebook!

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Rugby Themed 50th Birthday Cake

Hello all

How are you? Busy, busy in the lead up to Christmas I bet! We sure are.

Today I am bringing you my latest cake. I was asked months ago to create a masterpiece for a 50th birthday party. It was actually my life coach and owner of my gym that asked me to make the cake. She’s the one tasked with keeping me sane (poor woman! No really, she is fantastic and I attribute all of my dealing with depression to her). The party was for the gym’s floor manager, Neal, and it was all about rugby (at a rugby club, everyone dressed up etc).

I’ll be honest here, I’m not much of a rugby person. This cake was going to be hard! I had many ideas in my head and as the day got closer I narrowed it down, but then came the actual execution and that wasn’t so successful. In the end, the cake looked great, just nothing at all like I’d originally pictured.


One thing I wanted to do, because I’d never done it before, and of course this is all about personal development and growth, was to make a person. It actually turned out awesome, except for the fact that he was seriously out of proportion. Whoops!

Rugby Birthday Cake

The end result I was really happy with. The cake also got a very good reception at the party.  A lot of the people there were members of the gym that I’ve known for several years now and they were full of praise (seriously good for the ego) One of them even sent an email to my coach saying how amazing it was 🙂 After a long, very stressful and quite upsetting week, it was nice to have the compliments (and a few parties to go too, all without the kids!!)

I’ve since launched straight back into Christmas preparations with my first Christmas cake and batch of Christmas mince pies baked on Tuesday and a couple more presents in the works or completed. I can’t believe it’s only three weeks to go! I’m hoping to have some delicious Christmas recipes to you very shortly (why has it not occurred to me previously to post them? Why wait until three weeks out?). Then in the New Year I’ll recap all the cool prezzies I made and gave 🙂

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day 🙂