Welcome to Sweet Embellishments!

My name is Lynda and I’m a mostly stay-at-home mum of adorable (most of the time) twin girls. We live in Waikato, New Zealand where my husband runs a one-man engineering business as well as his family’s three dairy farms. I do all the admin for these businesses as well as working as a Marketing Executive one day a week (and sometimes a bit from home) at the company where I was office manager before I had my girls.

I’m writing this blog for two reasons, one is that I love to write and writing a novel (one of my long term goals) is unrealistic at the moment. The second reason is that I’d love to share my projects and ideas with you. I’ve found so much inspiration on blogs and hope maybe one day I can inspire someone else to pick up a piping bag or needle and thread.

I use baking and sewing and writing as tools to help me through depression (along with a lot of exercise). As it looks like I have some sort of tendency towards depression, it is something I will have to deal with all my life. Although it can be soul-destroying (and I’ve been there) it is manageable and I also hope that my story may help someone battling the same monster as I am.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and remember to live, laugh, love and be happy!

Love Lynda


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