Laundry Restyle

Our laundry is a dumping ground.

It’s also a room in the house where I spend a large majority of my time. It’s definitely the smallest of the rooms where I spend large portions of time.

I try to make my children responsible, which means picking up their dirty clothes and putting them in the laundry basket. What happens in reality is they fling them inside the door, creating a mountain, which continues to grow, and grow, and grow.

Their daycare clothes come home carrying half the sandpit (couldn’t they shake them out BEFORE stuffing them wet an filthy into a plastic bag?) As a result, my laundry often resembles a sand pit.

Thankfully I no longer have buckets of soaking nappies about the place, which definitely makes it a more pleasant place to be.

Essentially, my laundry room is large, spacious and light (it doesn’t get direct sun but it gets light!). It also has quite a bit of storage. The issue was I just didn’t look after it!

So as an incentive to keep it clean and tidy, I gave it a wee makeover! Nothing too major (I did consider redoing the wallpaper or painting, but I really don’t have the motivation or spare time right now!).

The biggest part of the revamp was the installation of a wall shelf. I wanted to get some things up off the dryer where they usually clutter, and make it a bit pretty. I found this great shelf at Ezibuy and awesomely the day I went to purchase, it was about half price! Score.

2016-08-14 15.54.00

Husband eventually put it up for me (I did threaten to do it myself, which hurried him up a bit) and I discovered the hooks are also excellent for hanging the girls’ farm overalls on, when they were used but not yet requiring washing.

I dispensed some ratty boxes of soap flakes and soaps into glass jars (purchased years ago with no purpose in mind), along with the Napisan and washing powder. (Okay, I didn’t have a glass jar for the Napisan, so it was transferred into the old washing powder tin, I’ll upgrade at some point).

Little chalk board tags made labelling simple and I collected some ornamentals from around the house, including the bouquet I carried as a friend’s bridesmaid and a wee fairy in a jar the girls collected from a birthday party.

I’ve been seeing cute ideas for lost socks on Pintrest while researching this project, but what always bothered me was how many socks these solutions catered for. Generally three socks. THREE!!! I have about 20 single socks at any given point, not including mine and the husband’s.

So for my solution I bought these pretty pegs from The Warehouse crafty section and used the 3M Command hanging sticky bits to attach them to the wall. I have a lot of the sticky bits left over because you always get more than you require in a packet. In truth, these aren’t all the odd socks either, but it’s still better than a jumble in a basket. It’s much easier to find pairs now!

The other simple thing I did which makes a big difference, is print some free printables off the internet. (Search Pintrest or Google! Sadly I’ve neglected to take note of where I found mine – oops) I popped them into matching white frames and hung them pretty randomly on the wall. Done.

2016-08-14 15.54.13

In the process of this restyle, I also cleaned out a lot of clutter from the cupboard, including cleaning supplies I no longer require as I use Enjo fibres (no chemicals, just water, but that’s another story). I found a larger storage space for my expanding Scentsy bar collection and generally found places for things. (The back side of this cupboard opens into the hall and is where we store boxes of toys. We also store the clean overalls and wet weather gear and my Enjo collection. The three baskets are for dirty washing)

2016-08-15 16.05.51

Now here’s hoping I keep it looking as lovely as it does right now!

(I have actually caught up on all my washing since doing this, so maybe there is something to it! The break in incessant rain possibly also helped)


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