My Little Pony Party

So my baby is almost two years old. So what better time to post about her first birthday party!

Back in November we celebrated our last first birthday in our family (as there won’t be another baby joining us). My big girls chose the theme (with strong guidance from me) of My Little Pony.

We had a rainbow cake (rainbow inside and outside), rainbow decorations and little girls dressed as ponies.

The main decoration behind the cake table was super simple to construct. A bunch of white balloons with rainbow tulle coming down. I used the six inch wide rolls of tulle, so no preparation was involved. My husband just looped them around two strings . It is the husband who got the rainbow backwards *eye roll* The other decorations involved placing all our pony figurines on the table!

The pony costumes were super fun to put together, though I did have much grander plans the enthusiasm ran out! I did also intend to have little pony headbands for all the children attending but that never happened!

We had a wee Rainbow Dash for which I stitched some felt wing shapes onto the back of a plain blue t-shirt. Nine months later it’s still going strong! Rainbow ribbons on a headband with some little felt ears finished off her outfit (not that she wore it for long!)

Pinkie Pie was simple with a party dress bought on sale and her hair tied in in two pony tails, one high and one a bit lower to create a mane. I had a lot of fun curling these!

Apple Jack was much the same except I added a tiny cowboy hat between her ears (the hat was found in the teddy bear making section of Spotlight).img_3629


We had such a fun time! Though it’s quite a relief having no milestone birthdays this year! Her second birthday will be a much quieter affair in the build up to the big fifth for the twins in February!


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