Easter Baskets

Last year I failed as the Easter bunny in our house. We were actually away at a wedding and the girls were staying with their Nana. I did buy Easter rabbits, but due to miscommunication I think, they never got given to the children.
So I felt bad all year! And then reading through my friend Jessica’s blog I came across her idea for Easter boxes (http://www.glitteranddaisies.com/easter). So I totally stole it. (I’m also not super keen on the idea of large amounts of chocolate in one sitting, not that many of you will believe that, so wanted something else to fill their Easter).

I did this on the Thursday before Easter. And we were going away (yep again) on Good Friday, so I completely left it until the last minute. I visited a discount store in our town on the search for cute baskets, and something to fill them with.
I couldn’t find any cute woven baskets, but came across some pink plastic lattice type bowls. A feather boa added some feathery fluffiness. I lined them with tissue paper and filled them with various things I found on my shopping trip, that are some of my girls’ favourite things: stickers, bubble mix, stamps, hair clips, bangles and bunny ears. To top it off I added some Easter eggs and little Lindt Easter animals, which are so cute!

After we got back from our event, we picked up the girls from their Nana’s and brought them home to find the baskets on the bench. Their reactions were gorgeous, and priceless. And it was worth every cent (which wasn’t actually much), and more importantly more than worth the small amount of effort required.



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