Christmas Gifts – Dino Toy and Appliqué Onesie

Wow. It’s been a week already! I really must write some of these posts in advance to keep up my sleeve for a week like this one (or next one, and possibly the one after that!)

Today my post is about gifts for one cool little dude. One of my early blog posts was about some toys I made for my new nephew, and this post is about his Christmas present.

Of all the presents I made, I think this was my favourite. It was just so cute and so cool.

First of all I made a dinosaur soft toy. I used the pattern found here. I bought a funky green and purple fat quarter of fabric and matching green ribbon and whipped up this cute little toy. I think next time I might make it a fraction bigger, it’s just a tiny bit small, but probably not too bad for little hands.


For the other half of his present I decided to make an appliqué onesie. I’m no where near talented or patient enough to make the onesie from scratch, so I bought a three pack from the Warehouse for minimal investment (my kinda present). I bought some cool patterned fabric that I was going to use to make a shirt with a little tie on it. But at the last minute I decided that sounded like far too much work (as I’d have to ensure all the edges were sufficiently covered to prevent fraying). So, with a strange turn of events, my husband suggested using some felt that I was using for another project. Fabulous idea, no fraying involved! I spent a few minutes on Google and found a silhouette of a fish (my family is really into fishing and the like) and used that as my pattern.


A few notes in appliqué with felt – it doesn’t like Visoflix (the glue type stuff you use to hold the piece of fabric together until you’ve sewn them together). I found it hard to get the paper backing off the felt and even harder to keep the fabric pieces in place once on the onesie.


But, after some very tiny, detailed stitching I LOVE this little onesie! I also love the colour of the fish, green is so trendy.

He even looks pretty pleased with it.


Coming up: more Christmas presents! I’ll finish the list eventually! Plus, I’m doing some very cool cakes in the near future, so expect to see some posts on those. Also, my daughters turn two next weekend (yikes!) so there’ll be some cute little gift that I’ve made to write about (some as yet unmade gifts…)
Better get cracking!


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