Christmas Gifts – Tutus!

Hi everyone

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and all that. We sure did, spending two weeks at my parent’s beach house. The girls loved the beach and playing with their cousins and spending a lot of time with their Giddy and Poppa, who are way more fun than boring old Mum and Dad. Life is now returning to normal and I’m trying very hard to get back into the swing of things (not as easy as it sounds).

As promised before Christmas, I will be reviewing all the gifts I made, which was all of them except the ones for my husband, because honestly I couldn’t think of anything I could actually make him (I’m pretty sure fabric dive fins wouldn’t be too effective).

Anyway, here goes with my first Christmas Gift blog!
NB: sorry if the formatting and pictures etc aren’t so flash on this post, I’m trying to work out how to post using the WordPress app on an iPad!!

With two little girls of my own as well as a niece Christmas was a good opportunity to have a go at something utterly girly, that I’ve always wanted to make… a tutu!!!

I followed this tutorial loosely, but made a few alterations of my own. By tutu number three I had it sorted. It was just so disappointing the ones I’d made for my girls weren’t nearly as cool as for my niece, Lily, so much so that I had to remake the girls ones!

So I used this lady’s guide to calculate how much tulle I would need, and because I’m fairly tight when it comes to spending money on such things, I went for two rolls of 6-inch wide tulle in each, one of each colour (each roll was 25 yards). I scoured local sources for tulle, but in the end found a website that I purchased off, making it much cheaper than buying in New Zealand.

After long deliberations (seriously it took me days) I purchased bright blue, lime green, yellow and white in plain tulle, plus a roll each of glitter pink and glitter purple.

I began with Charlotte’s tutu which would be the glitter pink combined with bright blue (I’ve always combined the two brightest, most contrasting colours available – it’s a bit like a signature now!) I started with cutting the pink into strips and ended up covered in glitter. It was everywhere, glitter massacre! What a mess! I couldn’t believe it, and my child was going to be wearing this, in my house, which it have to vacuum!! Next I sliced up the blue and found a piece of elastic to make the waistband. As per the tutorial I was following, I stretched it over a chair and set about knotting the tulle onto it. After more deliberations I decided to do block colours, one knot of pink and one of blue alternating.

The first issue I encountered was that when I tied the knot the elastic stretched out and wouldn’t contract back in so I ended up with a really large waistband that in no way was going to fit my daughter. So I pulled it all back off and this time tied it all to ribbon I’ve had for about 10 years. I think it was about two metres long (I assume this due to the fact that for Lily’s tutu I bought one metre and it was way shorter). Fortunately I had pink and purple ribbons the right length and colour.

Once strung along the ribbon I sewed a small square of Velcro onto the ribbon, each side of the tulle. This way the girls will hopefully be able to do it up themselves, rather than having to tie a bow.

Next I moved onto Taylor’s tutu. This one would be glitter purple with lime green. One thing I changed between Charlotte and Taylor’s tutus was that with Charlotte’s I lay the five layers of tulle nicely together, flat, before tying the knots. With Taylor’s I just scrunched them all together. I think it looked much better, as the tulle pooffed up a bit more.

Here is a picture of Taylor wearing her tutu on Christmas morning.


Finally I moved onto Lily’s tutu. This would be yellow and white, with no glitter tulle. I loved this tutu. For a start the glitter tulle was quite crispy. The original tulle was much softer and fluffier. Also, with this tutu I mixed the colours in each knot. One knot had three yellow and two white and the next knot had three white, two yellow. I alternated all the way along. This created much better colour distribution. After making this tutu I decided to remake the others.

The biggest reason for this was that the glitter tulle was really pushing the plain tulle out of the way, making it bulgy in places and just not right. (The only before photo I have is the one above of Taylor wearing hers on Christmas). So with the help of Mum, one night we pulled them apart and reknotted. What a difference! Now I love their’s just as much!




And here is my gorgeous little girl, Taylor, modelling hers for you. Charlotte is currently still terrified of her tutu so have been unable to get a photo!



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