Taggy Flowers Baby Toys

Well time has flown by again and it’s been ages since my last blog post.

But I have valid reasons! I was on holiday, without my kids. It was like magic. We went to Port Douglas in Australia and dived and snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef as well as visiting the Daintree Rainforest (it’s the only place in the world the two World Heritage sites meet). We had a fantastic time, as did the girls who stayed with their grandparents while we were away.

Then upon my return I was infected by the awful ‘plane germs’ that get me EVERY time I fly. So I spent a few days tucked up in bed (or on the couch trying to rest while supervising children) and then I’ve been trying to catch up on everything else! Phew!

But I am finally here to write my blog post (and to this point I haven’t actually decided which project I’m going to write it on).

I have a lot of projects happening at the moment in the lead up to Christmas. I won’t be able to blog about most of them until after the big day though, because otherwise everyone will know what they are getting!

Ok, I’ve just browsed my collection of completed projects and today’s post will be about these gorgeous taggy flowers I made for a friend who was having twin girls (it wasn’t me, honest, someone else!)

Taggy Flower Baby ToysSo I had seen something similar online (though not as fantastic as a flower) and then Mum found me this awesome book called Baby Times which included this little project and a pattern (though if you were fabulous enough you could just wing it and make it up).

So pretty much, it’s two fabrics sewn together in the flower shape, with the centre stitched on with ribbons coming out from the centre to give baby something to play with. Super simple, but a really effective gift. I also added a little ribbon loop on the outer edge so the mum can attach them to the pram etc (wouldn’t want to lose them!)

Taggy Flower Baby Toy with Reverse

I also did the centre a lovely soft minky fabric and lots of different colours and textures of ribbon so it’s bright and interesting for baby.

Taggy Flower Baby Toy - Close UPIn all making the two of them took very little time (honestly I can’t remember how long exactly, I’m not very good at timing myself on things) and it used some fabric from my stash so I don’t think they cost me anything either.

Righto, I know this is a fairly short blog post today, but it was a short project 🙂 Also I have much to do this week as I have a couple of big parties this weekend (one of which I’m doing the cake for) and also FINALLY I get to see Taylor Swift in concert on Friday (Last time she came to NZ I had two month old babies so couldn’t make it to the show).

I’ll hopefully be back next week with a full run down on this cool cake I’m doing (It’s already started and so far I’m REALLY happy with it!!!)

So until then, SMILE LOTS!


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