Homemade Baby Toys

Very excitingly, I recently got to welcome a new nephew into the world (well, not quite… I haven’t actually met him yet! But he arrived).

I love giving gifts for new babies. Its probably my most favourite gift to give. But they are so expensive! Luckily for me I came across some great tutorials online to make simple, but gorgeous baby toys.

I raided my Mum’s scrap fabric stash (ok, so I stole it….) and bought a few odds and ends at our local emporium store (I’ve seen Arthur’s Emporium, David’s Emporium, you get the idea? It’s like a MASSIVE stuff shop… Love it!). Then I got to work. I think I probably spent less than $10 on the whole gift! (And I ended up with way more ribbon etc than I needed, so I can use it for another project 🙂 )

So, onto what I made:

A sunshine rattle. So gorgeous and squishy and soft. I used this tutorial here. Instead of using an old t-shirt (as I didn’t have any) I purchased a few centimetres of flannel. It’s gorgeous and soft. This also meant I didn’t have to do the interfacing step. It was super quick and easy. I was a little bit sad to see it go to someone else!

Here’s the pic:

Sunshine Rattle Baby Toy

Sunshine Rattle Baby Toy

The next thing I made was a little owl cuddly. I used this tutorial. I’ve just noticed now but I didn’t put the ribbon ‘feet’ on mine. Don’t think it detracted from its awesomeness.

And the picture:

Owl Softie and Sail Boat Baby Toys

Owl Softie and Sail Boat Baby Toys

Also in the picture (obviously) is a little sailboat. This was another awesome and quick tutorial, found here.

I put a rattle into mine so it makes a great little noise when baby plays with it. Another great thing (actually, probably the best thing) about this tutorial is the way she stages her pictures. Aren’t they amazing?

Another thing I did that I think was slightly different was that I tried to use different ribbons to create more texture for baby. So the Owl has a velvet ribbon and some satin where as the boat has grosgrain (I think it’s called…) as well as some cord and ric-rac. I thought that’d be fun for the little guy to experience. 🙂

So I had this collection of toys to give to baby. I had this great image in my head of them nestled in a big box of shredded paper (the nice stuff, not old office records or anything!) and then all tied up with a gorgeous big bow. Unfortunately at the time I couldn’t find the right box, so had to settle for a gift bag. But it was the brightest red and I used blue and yellow tissue paper, so I suppose it worked out ok.

Now I just have to get over there to see the little guy and watch him enjoying his toys that his best aunty gave him!


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