Why and How? Why do I sew and bake, and How do I stay sane with toddler twins!

Why hello there, Welcome to Sweet Embellishments!

I’m Lynda, nice to meet you.

A few years ago I got married (fantastic man, by the way), then not too long after we were expecting a baby. I was so excited! Then we found out we were expecting TWO babies. I was even more excited.

My daughters were born and after I got the hang of caring for them, I descended into 8 to 10 months of foggy depression. Maybe it wasn’t that long, I can’t really remember between the sleep deprivation and all that. Anyway, as I’ve experienced depression previously I knew a few tricks to help myself deal with it. So I tried to keep busy.

Then in a twist of fate (not really, I’d been longing for it for AGES) I purchased ‘Saved by Cake’ by Marian Keyes. Marian herself suffered depression, but as a way through she taught herself to bake – cheesecakes, cupcakes, macaroons, cakes made from cola and the world’s most decadent brownies. The beautiful photos and writing inspired me. If she could get through it so could I. So I proceeded to purchase a palette knife and some gel food colouring and set about attempting to make macaroons (I was a fairly proficient baker previously – it wasn’t a total leap into the unknown).

Unfortunately for me my oven has temperature issues and macaroons failed. But the cake I also made didn’t. From there I made masses of cupcakes, cakes, biscuits, anything delicious sounding (a lot of that brownie too). I was baking several times a week, and it became one of the major tools I used to beat the depression (along with a lot of exercise, going back to work one day a week and a small treatment of antidepressants – It wasn’t all the power of baking).

The more I baked, the more I decorated and around Christmas-time I realised Cake Decorating was something I was desperate to try. So I made a couple of Christmas cakes, covered them poorly with fondant and gave them to my father-in-law and my family for Christmas. In return, Mum gave me a beginners kit with some basic decorating tools. A few months on I was asked to make a cake for a child’s birthday party, complete with payment. I was so proud.

As part of my battle with depression, I decided I had to finish some of the many projects I had started over the years and never finished. Including a gorgeous pink and purple quilt. I’d started it five years previously. With some advice from Mum I split the original design in two so could create a quilt for each of my daughters (never planned on twins when I started the design!). My goal was to finish them by Christmas so I could give the girls and amazing first Christmas present. A week before the big day, I finished!

From there I’ve built a steady stream of sewing projects, which I’m not only inspired to start, but to finish. There’s been dresses for the twin’s first birthday, dust ruffles to go under their cots and soft toys for their new cousin, who hasn’t quite made it into the world yet.

Between the sewing and the baking, I’ve become a happier person. I’ve become a better mother. I’ve become inspired and motivated. And this blog, about my baking and sewing gives me the perfect outlet for one more passion of mine: Writing. I love to write and though I would love to write a book, at the moment it just isn’t possible, so I’ll settle for a blog, and sharing my creations and experiences with you.

I hope you enjoy it.


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